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Foo Fighters registration for a possible Foo Fighters tour 2024. When will the Foo Fighters be seen live? Will they finally come back to the UK in 2024 and offer the fans a fantastic evening?

The Foo Fighters wanted to celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2022 with their fans on a tour around the globe. A concert date in Berlin was on the US rock band's tour schedule in July 2022. Hawkins, who was considered one of the best drummers in the world, passed away unexpectedly at the age of just fifty. The Foo Fighters were currently on tour through South America, with a performance at a festival scheduled for the evening. After the tragic death of the Foo Fighters drummer, all upcoming concerts were canceled.
Via social media, the Foo Fighters now announced that they would soon return to the stage - even if they are now a different band without Taylor than before. Who will replace Hawkins on drums in the future is still unclear. Also where the Foo Fighters concerts 2024 will take place is not yet known. Register now with ticketbande and find out as soon as information about a Foo Fighters tour this year is announced.

The Foo Fighters are one of the most popular live bands in the world, so their concerts are almost always sold out. Their performances are legendary. Just think of the concert that Dave Grohl finished sitting on a throne after an accident on stage with a broken leg.

After the tragic death of Kurt Cobain, former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl produced a demo tape in a one-man project, which he released in 1995 under the name Foo Fighters. Both the album and the singles "This Is a Call," "I'll Stick Around," "For All the Cows" and "Big Me" hit the American charts right away. In order to be able to go on tour, Dave Grohl then formed a band. The fact that the mixture of modern alternative rock and classic guitar rock of the Foo Fighters was received with enthusiasm was already confirmed with the release of their third album "There Is Nothing Left to Lose" in 1999, for which the band received their first Grammy as "Best Rock Album".

After some personnel restructuring, the lineup of the Foo Fighters stabilized in 2000 with Grohl, guitarist Chris Shiflett, bassist Nate Mendel and drummer Taylor Hawkins. With their catchy rock songs, the musicians from Seattle stormed the international charts from then on. The albums "One By One" in 2002, "In Your Honor" three years later and "Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace" released in 2007 reached top positions not only in America but also internationally. In 2011, the Foo Fighters reached #1 on the album charts for the first time with "Wasting Light." Over the past decade, the Foo Fighters have continued to delight both fans and critics with their music. In their 25-year existence, the Foo Fighters have released nine studio albums and one greatest-hits record. Meanwhile, the band's Grammy collection counts twelve awards, plus five BRIT Awards and various other honors. Despite other music projects of the individual band members, especially Dave Grohl, there is still no end in sight for the Foo Fighters.
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