What is the TicketAlert?

It may occur that, for certain events or categories, we have no tickets available. This is no reason to panic - we are always on the lookout for tickets. We always try to make exhausted quotas or sold-out events available until a few hours before the event begins so as to guarantee you as complete an offer as possible. Your registration for the ticket alert helps us to intensify the search for specific tickets. As soon as we have your dream ticket again, we will automatically notify you via email.

TicketAlert entire event

As soon as we no longer have any tickets for the entire event, you will be able to register for the TicketAlarm for the corresponding event. The symbol "TicketAlert" will be displayed accordingly for the event. Simply click on the icon and log in. Once tickets for the event are again available you will receive notification by e-mail.

Ticket alert individual categories

If tickets are still available for the event, you will see the order summary. This displays all available categories. Once individual categories are sold out, the  "ticket alert" symbol will appear next to them. Click on it and register. Once tickets for the desired category are available again, you will receive notification by e-mail.

One-time notification

The TicketAlert is not a newsletter. You will be only be contacted once. Once you've logged in, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. This will also included a link to unsubscribe. If you have an account with us, you can also directly manage your TicketAlert orders via the client account.